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Frank Scoblete

If anyone knows more about casino gambling in general and Baccarat strategies in particular it is American author Frank Scoblete. Not too long ago the Washington Post referred to Scoblete as the most prolific writer and most knowledgeable authority on casino games. Scoblete´s books, like "Beat the Craps out of Casinos" and many others, have been used successfully by casino gamblers worldwide. Along with his widely used books he has also written a great many columns on gambling for several well known gambling magazines and has even written and appeared on the Travel Channel´s "What would you do if…".

The Man behind the Books

Frank Scoblete has always been a gaming enthusiast. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, he went to a Catholic school and was given a full athletic scholarship to the exclusive St. John´s Prep to play both basketball and baseball. When he graduated from St. John´s he switched tracks to academics and obtained another full scholarship for academics and majored in history, literature and philosophy, obtaining three Master´s degrees.

Upon graduation Scoblete worked at Island Magazine, starting out as a writer and eventually working his way to an editorial position and finally to publisher of the small Long Island magazine. During this five year period, 1969-1974 he also hosted is own radio show and taught classes at a local high school.

The Life of a Writer

Trying to find his spot in life Scoblete tried the life of an actor starting in 1975 and a few years later started The Other Vic Theater Company and trained an acting troupe to tour the dinner theaters, charity events and resorts in the area. During this period he was directly responsible for the production of more than 50 plays in which he produced, directed and, in many cases, acted in. Nearly 10 years after his start in the theater business Frank developed a deep interest in casino games like Baccarat and Poker while writing the role of a casino gambler in the play "The Only Game in Town". Scoblete and his partner discovered that they were more excited about gambling than acting, sold the theater company and launched his career as a full time gaming writer. His partner and co-star of "The Only Game in Town", Alene Paone, began researching his first book, "Beating the Craps out of the Casinos", and spent nearly five years in various Atlantic City casinos watching and playing various games. The book was published by Paone Press, founded by Paone, his future wife, who was also a middle school teacher. The two were married on a Mississippi riverboat during a blackjack game.