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If you watch Baccarat being played it looks like it should be called The Gentleman´s game...

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When you first look at website it can be intimidating...

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Baccarat World

What the Game is.


The game of Baccarat has been popular in casinos since the latter part of the 15th century when it was introduced first into France and Northern Italy. Baccarat is a casino card game that is reminiscent of Faro or Basset. There are several different Baccarat strategiesand it pays to learn them all. You can play one of three ways. You can start out with Baccarat Punto, which doesn't require any skills but does require a good deal of luck. The other two types of baccarat are called Baccarat Chemin de Fer or Baccarat Banco which is the American version of the game. There are three ways to bet in Baccarat. You can either bet the "Banker" the "Player" or the "Tie".

How to Play

Baccarat is a simple game and it is really easy to learn how to play baccarat. The values of the cards are counted at the end of the hand, the total being modulo ten, which drops the ten´s place, and the highest hand it the winner. The only cards that can be counted however are the 2-9. All other cards have zero value. Therefore holding a pair of aces in not desirable. There only two hands dealt two cards. Depending on the "tableau" of the first deal, one more card may be dealt. Gambling is done one whether the player or the dealer has the highest hand. In the most common form of Baccarat, Punto Blanco, the casino uses a croupier to deal the cards and banks the entire game, covering all of the bets. The gamblers will bet on either the "player "or the "banker" to have the highest hand. This is where knowing Baccarat strategies come handy. You have to know when to bet and how to spot the better of the two hands.

How famous is it?

Baccarat has become fairly well known in popular culture because of its many appearances in hit movies like the James Bond movies and Rush Hour 3 with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. In Casino Royale for instance the entire plot revolved around the game of Baccarat. The game has also been featured in other Bond movies from Dr. No, where it was first shown to of course Casino Royale. In Rush Hour three the climax of the film has Chris Tucker bringing his own interpretation of the game. Popular in Casinos worldwide now Baccarat has come into its own. There are even websites of online baccarat that offer free baccarat and lessons on how to play baccarat.