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Lyle Stuart

Lyle Stuart was once named the World Champion Baccarat Player and Baccarat strategies and claims to have won over $166,000 in one game. His books and articles have always been controversial and Stuart does not seem to care much. His stands on free speech and the people´s right to know have become the talk of not only the casino floors but the major media. His publishing company, Barricade Books, decided to reissue the very controversial book, "Turner Diaries", about the infamous Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing by Timothy McVae and the controversy started again. Even though Stuart prefaced the book by saying he was dead set against the opinions expressed in it, he was accused of being sympathetic to the deed.

Never one to back down and always standing on what he believed was right Stuart started his writing career by regularly attacking the famous newsman, Walter Winchell, in a long series of articles and eventually used his notoriety to launch his own book publishing company. Stuart spent the years after World War II, where he served in the Merchant Marine and Air Transport Command and then moved on to work for the Hearst Corporation´s International News Service, it´s music business and as an RTW Scout.

Shortly after the War, Stuart launched his tabloid, "Exposé", which he later renamed "The Independent" and took on only the most controversial stories. This periodical published stories that no other newspaper of magazine would dare print for fear of offending anyone. Stuart was far less concerned with offending someone then he was with allowing the people to make their own decisions about what they wanted to hear or read. Both Exposé and The Independent boasted of some of the best American writers of the time, including such names as John Steinbeck, Upton Sinclair and Norman Mailer as regular contributors. In just a few short years and using much of the money he won from libel suits against Walter Winchell and his employers, he opened up the book publishing company, named Lyle Stuart Inc., and stayed with it until his death at 83.

Stuart, as well as Frank Scoblete, was an avid Baccarat player and won the Baccarat World Championship. He was considered an expert in calculating Baccarat strategies and knew how to play Baccarat like someone born to the game.