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Tommy Renzoni & Akio Kashiwagi

During the last half century Baccarat has become increasingly popular, even more so with introduction of online Baccarat and free Baccarat, and many more people want to learn how to play Baccarat now that the fancy clothes and velvet ropes have been removed. The game has become so popular partly because of the efforts of the high profile players and the simple rules of the game. Two of the people who have contributed to the growth of the game are Tommy Renzoni and Akio Kashiwagi.

The Father of American Baccarat

The "Father of the American Baccarat" and an expert on predicting Baccarat probabilitiesstarted his career running a casino in pre-Castro Havana. When the communists began to lock the doors on all of the casinos in Cuba, Renzoni took what he had learned of Baccarat and went to Las Vegas. The only Casino who would sponsor the game was the Sands but the game quickly became popular among the high rollers and caught on at the other casinos fairly quickly. It didn't develop a popular fan base though until the introduction of online Baccarat though simply because of its reputation as a game for the rich. Renzoni continued to be a very successful player of the game and went on to write several very comprehensive Baccarat how-to books like "Baccarat: All You Want to Know about Playing & Winning", and "Renzoni on Baccarat", which are used to this day by both novices and professionals to improve their playing styles.

The King of the High Rollers

If there was ever a gambler who did everything in a big way it is Akio Kashiwagi, known as the "Warrior" at the tables because of his steadfast refusal to back down from any bet, no matter what the odds are or the amount of money at stake. Akio, a hugely successful Japanese real estate speculator, holds two opposing records at the baccarat tables. He really knew how to win baccarat: one occasion he won a total of over $6 million dollars, the largest single win in the history of the game. Just a few short months later he dropped over $10 million to claim the record for the games largest single loss. Kashiwagi lived every day in a large way, doing everything on a really grand scale until his violent death in 1992 when he was found stabbed over 150 times in his exclusive Mount Fuji home.