Baccarat Rules

If you watch Baccarat being played it looks like it should be called The Gentleman´s game...

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Baccarat Winners

When you first look at website it can be intimidating...

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Baccarat Rules

If you watch Baccarat being played it looks like it should be called The Gentleman´s game. The table is usually surrounded by well dressed people and the players are using all large chips. The game, originally played exclusively in European casinos, has developed a worldwide following and you can even play free Baccarat. Even the table gives the impression of class and sophistication. It is always large because it needs to seat as many as fifteen players. In front of each seat are the betting areas marked "Bank", "Player", and "Tied". Cards are dealt either by a croupier, as is the case of Punto Blanco Baccarat, or by a hired dealer. Players can bet on any one of the bet possibilities or all three.

Classy yet Simple


Despite its complicated appearance learning how to play Baccarat is very simple. There are three possible ways to bet and some baccarat strategies can also be met. You can bet that either the player or the bank will have the highest hand or you can bet that they will tie. Not all cards have value. Each position, Player and Bank, are dealt two cards. Only the cards from 2-9 have any value at all. Tens, face cards and aces have zero value. If a player draws a total of 1-5 or 0, the hand is dealt one more card. The player is required to stand on totals of either 6 or 7 and 8 or 9 is considered a natural so the player stands on those too. The banker follows generally the same rules. If the banker has a 0-2, and the player does not have a natural, the banker must draw. If the players are acting as "dealer" also, common in European Baccarat, when the player wins the shoe is passed to the next player. This form is called Mini Baccarat and is played on a smaller table with fewer players. It is a faster game, but is generally the same as standard Baccarat.

A Game for Everyone

Even though Baccarat was originally a casino game and usually played for very high stakes it can still be played by anyone and is very simple to learn how to win baccarat. There is even online Baccarat available and in many cases baccarat probabilities are available to online players.