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Casino Theme in Books and Movies

The casino has had a part to play when it comes to defining contemporary culture especially as regards music, movies as well as books. Take the James bond sequels for example. One thing that will always stand out when it comes to James bond is the fact that each and every sequel comes with its own themes song. Each sequence will begin with a raunchy teaser followed by a song written specifically for the song. In each and every one of these scenarios the song is written as well as performed by a well-known artist of that time. Aside from the signature song, the entire sequel will be centered on the fast life of the 007 agent James bond whose favorites will be driving fast cars, drinking expensive martinis along with gambling in classy casinos. Ever since its inception it has always been the norm to include a casino theme in each and every one of the subsequent sequels thereafter. Consequently, it has led to many other movies that came after the James bond movie to adopt the casino theme often brought about to portray opulence and high spending by the characters in the movie

In most of the current movies the casino theme will always be accompanied by a storyline that surrounds the character with a thrill for gambling as well as the high life associated with it. In a few cases it will also involve some lowlifes who try to live off the negligence of the opulent members of the upper middle class along with the high class in the social order. There are also those times when the entire storyline revolves around the casino itself. Take for example famous ocean sequels. One of the sequels is a story that revolves about Frank Ocean and his gang planning a heist against one of the most heavily guarded casino of the time. The storyline however takes a different turn as it goes to show the amount of security measures the casino management employs in order to ensure that their property is kept safe at all times. It also shows the norms and the practices that casino staff engages in their bid to ensure that the casino runs smoothly with the knowledge that some individuals are out to make quick money by stealing from the casino patrons

It is almost impossible to talk about the casino without mentioning of the poker games. A casino would not be casino without any of these games and as one would have it has penetrated the contemporary culture in a way that it has become a norm to have vintage poker chips as part of home d├ęcor. If you took your time and travelled around some antique stores, you will surely come across some books and with casino themes and as one would have it they are usually a good read. You will also come across books whose storylines have been woven around the casino and as you would have it would always involve some shady escapades, a rich life and perhaps punctuated with spates of good as well as bad luck the character will come across